The Living is a body of  research by My Husband (2018–2020).

In collaboration with Survivalists in and around New York City, we explore and embody the burden of threat as a means of opening up and revealing fragilities within our society, our ecosystem, and ourselves. The Living emerges from a methodology of filmmaking: writing, composing, recording, and editing; collapsed with one of Survivalism: tracking, hunting, storing and moving. Overlaying these frameworks, we activate tension between “living” and “surviving,” constructing and performing emergency as a way to navigate a myriad of opposing forces in the twenty-first century.  

Compilation of various project clips below: Survivalist’s introductions to Bunker lectures, behind the scenes recordings, interviews adapted from promotional videos, and other miscellaneous footage. Special thanks to Mike A., Shane H., and Ed F. for their ongoing collaborations and contributions to this project.