My Husband is the collective practice of Annika Berry & Eliza Doyle (b. 2015)

Incorporating methodologies of documentary video, interview, performance, narrative writing, and reenactment, My Husband embodies both “expert” (you/him) and amateur (me) while collaborating with individuals who define themselves as autonomous. My Husband is an expert in Survivalism, knows what urgency is, and incites the production of knowledge through processes of explaining, re-telling, pleading, asking, and responding.

My Husband delivers performance-lectures in classroom/professional/art settings, and has been invited to speak at SAR’s 11th Conference on Artistic Research in Norway, The Arlington Arts Center, the Rhode Island School of Design, the École Nationale d’Art in Paris, and at multiple venues around New York. In 2019, My Husband was featured on Project Anywhere’s Global Online Exhibition platform.