Ed Making His Body A Tool (2019)

live performance

Ed Making His Body A Tool is a collaboration between My Husband and Ed Frost: a self-defined survivalist living outside Albany, NY. We met Ed several years ago on Craigslist, and we began a correspondence about the physical body as a tool for survival. Ed is a self-taught “fighter,” practicing a rigorous training regimen daily that has incrementally built out his strength, endurance, and expertise at conserving energy for prolonged exertion. Ed’s training has emerged in part through a fictional improvisation, in which future and past incarnations of himself join in conversation and encourage him to persevere through hardship, strengthening his physical body as a means of fostering resilience.

The video above features documentation footage from a live performance with Ed in Kingston, NY, where his training was recorded then projected behind him with a two-second delay, producing an already-outgrown version of his past body in contrast to his improved real-time self. This footage is paired with audio of Ed reflecting on and narrating his experience of the performance a year later.