Underground is a series of two online lectures and a pamphlet produced in the summer of 2020. My Husband builds on three years of artistic research into survivalism and prepping, taking a performative approach as we embody several characters who have spent their lives preparing for an emergency, and now find themselves inhabiting one. The works are currently screening at Arlington Arts Center.

the craziest year of my life I mean ours (2020)

online lecture, 12 minutes

My Husband becomes a single persona addressing their audience as a “woman underground” who muses on emergency preparedness, scarcity, abundance, and a return to Normal. Her narrative primarily takes place on the first step of the ladder leading out of her bunker, where she stops to reflect on her time underground, and her conscious efforts to become useful and invest herself in essential/misguided forms of production.

My Husband Presents: SHTF (Shit-Hits-The-Future) (2020)

online lecture, 23 minutes

My Husband performs a conversation about emerging from the physical structure of an underground survival bunker into a post-collapse society. The two characters in the work discuss a changing landscape of emergency and consider alternatives to the autonomous mindsets of individualist preppers.

currency is me (2020)


An anonymous narrator discusses accumulation, desire, and comfort in a post-collapse society. My Husband builds on our interest in survivalism to examine the limitations of the philosophies of autonomy and self-reliance that both drive the survivalist subculture and permeate American life.

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