Tell Me About Cowboys (2015–2017)

Archive of material from conversations and collaborations with men who identify as cowboy.


my hair was shorter and I had a white wifebeater ( respectively haha) and Im smoking a cigarette in front of an epic classic black and white on my dads wall of Clint Eastwood smoking a cigarette and I was like look at that , I don’t always fancy pictures of myself but it was an awesome picture , my face was even a little fuzzy out of focus so it was very nostalgic looking , plus dim basement lights , my dad took it of me before I went back to Texas … And its an important picture , especially for this .. so Im gonna try and remember my old password and retrieve my pictures and delete it again . I have a lot of cool pictures on there I don’t know what I was thinking doing that without removing my pictures but Im not exactly a computer ace but I can manage most taskes , getting better at it , just got a new laptop after a year without one because my last one fryed in the Texas heat playing Thin Lizzy  and drinking cheap whiskey in the blistering sun  spilling Jack n cokes on my bare feet on the patio and people warned me of the fire ants accumulating on my calves and feet , and Im like well Im from New England Im not afraid of ants … I stand corrected , Them there fireants aint nuthin’ to fuck with haha .  You seem like a really awesome person . I have to work tomorrow and I was gonna go in Sunday and finish up some tiles and a composite floor but If you want to have dinner and or a few drinks Sunday night  or have lunch I would blow the day off for it . If I work I will just blow Monday off , maybe Tuesday haha , oh man its great to be able to make my own schedule .  I prefer emails for these long convos , although in person or phone would be better , I hate texting but its convenient for short and to the point messages , I mind as well give you my number if you want to call or text go ahead. I don’t even use the email on my current phone I dropped my smart phone off a roof and My friend has an IPHONe 5 hes giving me to join his plan so I just got this cheesy temporary ( I call em Obama phones ha ) deals just til I decide when we are switching plans ya know so keep that in mind , It does receive and send pics its just pitiful haha , but I pay rent this weekend and I should be getting that phone activated shortly there after . Even still I hate typing long things on a phone , I mean not even it takes way longer but I always feel obnoxious being on my phone for that long texting or looking at it , like them people who god forbid they put down there phone for two seconds and acknowledge life . Im also free tonight and tomorrow night , but I just got home from Wareham , did tiles on concrete all day , pretty beat , but tomorrow night or Sunday would be good , to meet in the flesh so to speak  , and I love hanging out with people I can learn from or people who are intrigued by what I have to say , and don’t really want to talk about the office  , sports , the weather or who won on American Idol or did you see that on facebook kind of crap . Im not only excited for this project but hopefully more to come in the future , unless you take off to Hollywood and I never see you again !   But seriously I have been thinking about this like all day , especially on the way to work and the way home , it’s a 45 minute highway ride , I would say I feel most like a cowboy when I have a beer in my hand on the way home after a 9 hour work day , cigarette hanging out my mouth stereo blaring , windows down , sunglasses on my head to keep my waving lochs of dark brown hair out of my eyes  doing about 85 mph, not driving like a douche but just barely passing everybody kind of checking them like a rider on the range …. ( you probably think I’m a flake )