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Rehearsal (2017–21) is a collaborative project that emerges from a single audio recording made on a cellphone in 2017. It is a recording of a friend, at the time living with Alzheimer’s disease, playing a score she’d composed for the piano fifty years prior.

The recording has been translated into a notation that maintains each irregularity or “slippage” and transcribes her exact tempo. The score preserves her recital of the song on that single day, at a midpoint in her forgetting.

Working in collaboration with musicians in my community and across the internet, I ask each to record themselves sight-reading the piano score. The resulting collection of videos expands an archive of a single memory: passed, held, translated, shared, improvised, and bolstered through community transference and engagement.


Recitals by Olusola Adebisi, Natalia Bezuqlova, Noshi Curry, Tetiana Franchenko, Cherie Gullerud, Andrew Hungate, Timothy Jenkins, Mahiee Maitreya, Linda Sheehan, Lucinda Shirley, Anna Sutyagina, Christian Villagra, Faye White, and Andrew Zemskov.

For Gerda & Eva.