Love Life (2018–2019)

57 pages of email correspondence, print and bound

Love Life is a dime novel documenting my correspondence with a cowboy named Love Life, born in South Dakota and living in Northern New Mexico.

I met Love Life on the internet in September, 2018, after posting a Craigslist ad for collaborators. We began writing a Western together, sending paragraphs back and forth to advance the plot. Love Life introduced our protagonist, Timothy, who is a working cowboy in Arizona. Inhabiting Timothy from different angles, Love Life and I began creating an autonomous character imbued with romance and projection. When Love Life disappeared suddenly and without warning, our correspondence shifted, and Love Life became a collection of letters sent and unanswered. Created over the course of four months during a period of upheaval and transition in my own life, these letters form a body of writing that explores intimacy, longing, displacement, and Western Romance fiction.