Brooklyn, NY

2021 I did the macarena but you’re frowning now, Outpost Artist Resources, Queens, NY

2020 Vanishing, THIS Gallery (online)
2020 Emergency Index: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Vol. 9 (print)
2020 By Proxy, Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA
2020 In The Weeds, Olympia at 41 Orchard, New York, NY
2020 A Place To Visit, Jip Gallery x Olympia, Brooklyn, NY
2020 Roadio Rose, Music Video for Ed Askew Band
2020 My Husband Addresses A Captive Audience, SAR 11th Conference on Artistic Research, Bergen, NO
2020 Le Survivalisme de l’Artiste, online lecture/workshop, École Nationale d’Art (ENDA), Paris, FR 

2019 My Husband presents The Living, visiting artist lecture, RISD, Providence, RI
2019 Eureka! Outhouse x Rosekill, Rosendale, NY
2019 Landscape x Olympia, Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY
2019 Exhibition II, Open White Gallery, Berlin, DE
2019 Secrets, SITE Santa Fe, NM
2019 Project Anywhere Global Exhibition Program
2019 Nostós Fetish Machine, AXLE Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2018 POND Temp TE01, Taggverk (online)
2018 Centennial, Etiquette, Santa Fe, NM
2018 The Biological Auteur, Etiquette, Santa Fe, NM

2017 100W Corsicana Artist in Residence, Corsicana, TX
2017 Navarro Council of the Arts Grant
2017 Film/Animation/Video Triennial, Providence, RI
2017 Documentarian-In-Residence, Rejmyre Art Lab, Rejmyre, SE
2017 Cowboy, artist presentation, Millennial Focus Group Salon, Brooklyn, NY

2016 Centre d'Art i Natura de Farrera Artist in Residence, Farrera, ES
2016 Senior Invitational Exhibition, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
2016 Glass & Open Media Senior Exhibition, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI
2016 Ffabschrifters, GD Commons Gallery, Providence, RI
2016 Treasures, Cloud Studio Gallery, Providence, RI
2016 Sincerely Yours, Cloud Studio Gallery, Providence, RI
2016 Film/Animation/Video Senior Show, RISD Auditorium, Providence, RI

2015 Image Landscapes, Gellman Gallery, Providence, RI
2015 True Believers, Exposé Gallery, Providence, RI
2015 FAV Junior Show, RISD Auditorium, Providence, RI